It all started when…

I found myself feeling overwhelmed and often stifled, committed to an unfulfilling job, which took up the majority of my time and energy. I travelled back to my childhood, to revisit my deepest source of joy and happiness, which came from expressing my creativity. I decided to make the brave decision to "follow my bliss", which was more so a means of surviving my personal struggles. I needed a reason to wake up everyday, and to feel my connection with this life once more. I wanted to contribute something of value to this world, while feeding my inner world with love and self compassion. My solution: pursue a career path that combined my childhood passions of reading, writing, research and imagination, whilst at the same time, creating my own blog!

This online space was born from an inner need to flow my creativity out in to this world. I always had a deep connection to the food that I ate, and an unparalleled love for my home, here in the happy west indies. This space gives life to the inspired thoughts in my head, on carefully researched topics surrounding holistic health, self-care, travel and wellbeing.

About my home

I have lived all my life in the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. We are the southernmost islands of the West Indies, with a colorful history of European colonization, slavery and indentureship, that have given birth to a diverse culture of many creeds and races living in harmony under the Caribbean sun.

"Trinis" as are we commonly called, are often referred to as the happiest people on earth, given our laid back lifestyles and partying ("feteing") customs, which we happen to take very seriously =). But don't get me wrong, aside from our inviting and relaxed nature, we work hard, and are committed to the growth and development of our nations, rich in natural resources such as oil & gas, fertile arable land, and favorable tropical climate.  In fact, Trinidad and Tobago has a vibrant energy sector, and enjoys the third highest GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity in the Americas, after the United States and Canada.

 The Nylon Pool Location: Tobago, West Indies

The Nylon Pool
Location: Tobago, West Indies


what are we famous for?

Trinidad "Carnival"- is perhaps what we are known for the world over. It is two day street parade in which locals and tourists unite to masquerade the streets of our nations' cities, adorned in the beautiful costumes created by talented local designers. The origins of this festival dates back to the time of slavery. The French plantation owners held elaborate masquerade balls, which were mimicked by the African slaves, in their own humble means, by a celebration they called "Canboulay" (from the French cannes brulées, meaning burnt cane). 

 Tan Tan and Saga Boy.  Designed by Peter Minshall  Carnival Band: TANTANA,1990

Tan Tan and Saga Boy. 
Designed by Peter Minshall
Carnival Band: TANTANA,1990

My country is a melting pot of cultures, races, food and smiles. Her curiosity makes everyday day an adventure- by exploring the lush rain forests, expansive beaches and historical monuments, while her warmth relaxes and invites. No matter how far I may wander, she will always be my home. I love you T&T