Not Your Nani's Sada Roti

MMMMM.. That delicious first bite of a warm steamy slice of sada, loaded with my favourite choka. Surely a slice or two wouldn't hurt. Furthermore, it's loaded with tomato choka, and tomato is a vegetable right? So that's healthy! Nay, tomato is a fruit, so that's even better!! In that case, before hitting my taste buds, the allure of the Blue Band hits, and I immediately reach for a liberal spread of my childhood favourite. The cool butter melts on that piping hot slice like liquid gold, and surely there is no better way to begin my morning. 

Time to wake up from this fantasy, which will soon turn into a nightmare. The truth is that the delicious sada which is a staple in most Trinidadian homes purely  consists of processed white flour. When ground into flours, most grains act like sugar in the body, triggering weight gain, inflammation and blood-sugar imbalances. 

Most older Trinidadians are under the impression that because their parents and grandparents survived for multiple years, typically with a longer lifespan on a diet anchored on the beloved sada, that they too can eat the same. The truth is however, that our lifestyles have drastically changed when compared to that of our predecessors. They were accustomed to having active lifestyles, working outdoors in the agriculture fields and adopting manual labour as a means of survival. Even the women who stayed at home lacked the conveniences that we are so blessed with. Imagine scrubbing huge batches of dirty clothes in tubs while carrying buckets of water from a stand pipe! Aint nobody got time for that!

The average Trinidadian works a strict 8am-4pm job, sits at a desk for the majority of that time, and upon returning home, engages with screens for at least 1 hour, before having a quick bite, heading off to bed and repeating the process the very next day. Our schedules are programmed quite differently, and our inactive lifestyles cannot sustain the foods which we have grown so fond of and accustomed to. 

The Skini Trini is here to help, by providing you with my newly improved, tried and tested recipe for what I call "Not your Nani's Sad Roti".