Recipe: Easy and Healthy Tropical Green Smoothie

The next time you are in a rush but need to get your nutrients in, why not try this delicious and easy recipe for my Tropical Green Smoothie. It contains spinach which is low in calories but is packed with vital minerals needed for skin, hair and bone health. It also contains a perfect blend of tropical fruits which add sweetness, flavor and even more health benefits.

It’s the perfect way to “drink” your vegetables on the go!!!  


·        ½ cup pineapple

·        ½ cup mangoes

·        1-2 cups spinach

·        3-4 basil leaves

·        ½ small frozen lime

·        1-1 ½ cups water

·        Pinch of cayenne (optional)



·        Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until a smooth consistency is achieved.

·        Add more water depending on thickness of the final product. It should be smooth, not chunky and easy to drink with a straw.


·        Cayenne pepper may be omitted according to taste preference. This ingredient stimulates the circulatory system by opening the capillaries, aids digestion, and helps regulate blood sugar.

·        Coconut water may be substituted for regular water when available. It enhances the flavor and adds a refreshing taste.

·        Fruits can also be substituted according to availability, but be sure to choose bright orange/yellow colored fruits like papaya and cantaloupe. When blended, they mix with the green leaves to create a vibrant green color that is visually appealing and stimulates the taste buds.

So, the next time you decide to skip breakfast, remember the advice of the Skini Trini, and drink your breakfast instead of eating it!

All my love, until next time!


--Skini Trini