How to Make Infused Water: Rosemary, Lemon & Earl Grey Infused Water

My perfect morning includes meditation, relaxation and of coursed my Rosemary, Lemon and Earl Grey Infused Water. I randomly pieced this recipe together after picking up one too many bundles of Rosemary at my local Farmers’ Market. I knew that the strong earthy fragrance of the Rosemary leaves would enhance the light citrus flavor of my local rough skin lemons, but in a strange twist I decided to add in a satchel of Earl Grey Tea. The combination is heavenly!

This water is wonderfully refreshing, with a robust flavor and soothing appeal. I love drinking it on warm mornings. The beautiful aroma alone is enough to wake you up, but the combination of ingredients offer an array of health benefits, which energizes the body, mind and spirit.



·        4 Cups Water

·        1 Large Rough Skin Lemon or two small Local Limes Thinly Sliced

·        3 Large Stalks of Rosemary

·        1 Earl Grey Tea Bag


·        Place lemons/limes, rosemary and tea bag in a large pitcher. Add in water and allow to infuse at room temperature for two hours before chilling.

More about this lovely drink:

Rosemary is a good source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. It also acts as a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. The Lemon aids to alkalize the body since once it has been fully metabolized and its minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream, its effect is alkalizing and therefore raises the pH of body tissue. Overall, this blend aids in digestion, keeps you hydrated and can help to alleviate stress and promote general feelings of wellbeing.

Until Next Time!


Skini Trini