DIY Sugar Body Scrub

Have you ever felt rough dry patches along your elbows or the back of your legs? Perhaps during periods of extensive sun exposure the skin on your shoulders began to itch or flake. Unless you are an extraterrestrial being, or you’ve somehow magically acquired a serum of unicorn tears, chances are your skin is not ideal. Whether your skin produces excess oils or not enough oil, the effect is tired-looking, dull and stressed skin which only adds years to your appearance.

I have come up with a magic potion- seriously its life changing! - to deal with my dehydrated skin.  For years I’ve suffered from dry skin, which has only intensified with time. This scrub is all natural, with no chemically altered products, unlike most soaps, shower gels or body washes on the shelves today which are essentially detergent based (yes, detergents as in the ones used to wash grease off dirty dishes- YUCK!)

I love using this up to four times a week in between regular showers, to gently exfoliate and buff off dead dry skin cells. The olive oil also moisturizes the skin which counteracts the drying effect that warm water tends to have, hence protecting the skin barrier during your shower.


·        ½ cup olive oil

·        4 table spoons brown sugar

·        1 teaspoon lemon juice



·        Combine ingredients in small bowl and mix well

·        Store in refrigerator for up to two weeks. 

Hope you enjoy cooking up your own deliciously hydrating body scrubs, and don't forget to keep it pretty!


-Skini Trini