How to Treat Dry Sensitive Skin: My Skincare Routine

 My Daily Skincare Arsenal =)

My Daily Skincare Arsenal =)

I am certain that I've read once that it is a blessing to have been born with sensitive skin, because you are better able to feel the caress of a soft touch, or the sweetness of a passionate kiss.  I think that the saying is just a clever way of disguising the ultimate truth, which many of us gals (and guys!) who suffer from sensitive skin face on a daily basis… - it’s just downright complicated to deal with this issue!

I for one, have extremely dry and sensitive skin, which proves to be somewhat of a challenge, particularly because my skin is highly reactive to most mainstream skincare and cosmetic ingredients. Because of this, I have suffered from embarrassing acne, excessive dermatologist fees and even more expensive bills for copious amounts of products, which have only exacerbated the problem!

For those of you who are curious as to how my acne-story originated- basically, during my high school years, whilst most of my friends were dealing with breakouts and boy problems, I was fortunate enough to have acne free skin (the boy problems were another story!). When I started university however, my love for beauty grew as I began to experiment with makeup and skin care products. Here is where it all began. I accumulated cystic acne on the skin around my cheeks, which worsened with every single skincare product I tried. I had reactive skin and I wasn't aware of it, therefore I had no insight on how to properly care for my skin. 

This is my first, and predominantly, most critical piece of advice for ANYONE who is suffering from acne, regardless of its nature- VISIT A DERMATOLOGIST! Once your skin is tested by an expert, then, and only then, can you take informed actions to remedy your inherent problems.

Over the years, via experimentation and excessive research on the topic, I have adopted a skincare routine which works amazingly for my skin. These are my little helpers for achieving a daily glow =)

1.       Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing Water

Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing Water

I begin my night time beauty regimen by removing all traces of face makeup using my Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing Water, which I purchase from for 28USD.

This is a soap-free, water based cleanser formulated with no parabens, which are essentially chemically alerted preservatives, that can have a harmful effect on all skin types.

It also loaded with natural fruit extracts and unlike most makeup removers, it contain no alcohol which can strip the delicate surface of the skin.

It's composition therefore makes this product extremely refreshing, and has no drying effects on my already dry skin. I simply use it with a Swisspers cotton round which I purchase from Pennywise Cosmetics for around 25TT to begin the cleansing process and prep my skin for the following steps. 

2.       Mac Cleanse Off Oil

 MAC Cleanse Off Oil

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

If I had been wearing any mascara or stubborn eyeliner during the day, I always massage a drop of Mac’s Cleanse Off Oil around my eyes. I am always very careful however to restrict this product to the area around my eyes, and not to distribute this product along my entire face, because it does contain bitter orange and lavender oils,  which I find to be a bit irritating to parts of my face which are most sensitive (particularly my cheeks and forehead).

It is however highly effective as an eye makeup remover and the wonderful oily consistency creates the perfect amount of slippage to gently massage off any eye makeup, and has a soothing effect. Mac’s Cleanse Off Oil can be purchased at both Mac retail stores in Trinidad at a cost of 250TT



3.       Pevonia Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Pevonia Sensitive Skin Cleanser

After makeup removal, I move on to using my Pevonia Sensitive Skin Cleanser. This is an extraordinary non-irritating liquid cleanser that has a creamy texture and virtually no scent.

Once applied to moistened skin, the creamy consistency gently buffs away skin contaminants without lathering, as you massage and cleanse off residual grime. This is perfect for my dry skin, since foamy cleanser are better suited to those with oily skin types.  




4.       Germaine de Capuccini So Delicate Tolerance Rich Care

 Germaine de Capuccini So Delicate Tolerance Rich Care

Germaine de Capuccini So Delicate Tolerance Rich Care

Once my skin is free from all traces of makeup, dirt and other build up of impurities that accumulated during the day, I apply my night time moisturizer, which currently happens to be the So Delicate Tolerance Rich Care by Germain de Capuccini.

This is a brand that was founded in Spain and uses ancient Algerian skincare secrets combined with sophisticated Parisian cosmetic techniques. It is only available via specialty spas and concentrated retailers.

I purchased mine from The Face and Body Clinic located at the corner of Todd and Prark Streets in San Fernando at a cost of 485TT.

Despite its hefty price tag this product has been miraculous at transforming the moisture barrier of my skin. I do feel it becoming more supple and increasingly resistant after each use. 


5.       Avene Hydrance Optimale

 Avene Hydrance Optimale SPF25

Avene Hydrance Optimale SPF25

It is critical to always use a moisturizer that contains a decent amount of SPF regardless of your skin type or level of exposure to the sun. As we age our skin looses elasticity and becomes more prone to sun damage. Therefore I NEVER skip this step on mornings. I adore using my Hydrance Optimale SPF25 Hydrating Cream by Avene every morning. Avene is a French pharmaceutical brand which incorporates Thermal Spring Water in all products, making them ideal for persons with hypersensitive and reactive skin.

I have found that this product has a comfortable texture which allows the product to penetrate into the skin, moisturizing  it from within. Avene can be purchased from specialty online retail websites, or at a cost of 34USD



6.       Pevonia Botanica Evolution Eye Cream

 Pevonia Botanic Evolution Eye Cream

Pevonia Botanic Evolution Eye Cream

Lastly, no skin care routine is complete without an eye cream in my opinion. The skin under the eye is typically so thin and delicate that it requires the additional care that a good eye cream will provide.  

I gravitate towards the Evolution Eye Cream by Pevonia Botanica. This cream comes in a tube and contains 1oz of product. It has a rich consistency which is deeply moisturizing to my dry under eye area.

My research has indicated that this product contains a considerable amount of a water-binding agent known has hyaluronic acid, which is beneficial to the skin.

It  feels extremely nourishing and hydrates my skin well. It also creates a smooth base for under eye concealer application. 


7.       Tarte Maracuja Oil

Tarte Maracuja Oil

I have decided to round up my offering of top skin care picks with my favorite facial oil by Tarte- the ever so popular Maracuja Oil. This product has gained quite a cult following amongst beauty writers, for the sole purpose of it truly being a high quality and universally effective product, for those with all skin types.  Essentially, the Portuguese term Maracuja refers to the widely popular tropical fruit we know and love- Passion Fruit. This oil by Tarte is therefore compromised exclusively of 100% pure passion fruit oil.

It may be a scary notion for some, to digest the idea of topically administering oils, especially to the face.  Traditionally we have been told that it is excess oil on the surface of the skin that causes break outs. However, modern research has shown that oils are extremely beneficial to maintaining balance to the skin's surface.

I love using this oil in particular, as there are no additives or harsh chemicals to disrupt my sensitive skin. It is also rich in fatty acids and vitamin C which promotes active skin recovery. This product seeps into pores like a dream to fully moisturize dry skin. I also enjoy mixing it with heavier foundations to achieve a flawless finish and even application! I purchased my Tarte Maracuja Oil at a price of 46USD from

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you have gained some insight into dealing with sensitive skin issues. Remember, any skin can be sensitive and it is important to treat it as such. Also, never forget that to have a beautiful glow outside you must project beautiful thoughts inside. So spread the happiness and take care of your skin!  <3


--Skini Trini