skini trini book club 

For me, reading has always been a therapeutic escape from the burdens and pressures of day to day life. There is something magical about the resonance of the words of someone else, that make us feel like we are not alone - we become connected beyond time and place, in almost divine union. Here, I hope to share with you beautiful souls, the unspoken spirit that soothes me from the most inspiring books along my journey. I hope that you will join along, and share your thoughts, as we remain dedicated to being more. 


the hidden life of trees: what they feel, how they communicate

peter wholleben 

As a young girl, I found an unexplainable comfort from the sheltering warmth of the giant peepal tree that grew through the cracks of my grandparents' solid concrete yard. When I saw this book on the shelves of Nigel R. Khan Booksellers, and traced my fingers along the spine of its hard covers, I knew then and there that this was the book that would help me to understand my almost telepathic connection to ancient trees.



Join me on February 4th, 2018 for a free webinar, as we discuss these magnificent and wise beings.


The monk wo sold his ferrari

robn sharma

A mystical tale, that is told in a most relatable way, one which reminds us of the true meaning of life. This book has changed my outlook and perspective on life. Aside from the wealth of inspiring and thought provoking knowledge, this carefully articulated journey of Julian Mantle, the successful trial lawyer, turned heart patient, turned monk, provides a clear outline for an actionable guide for self improvement- though we may not all be able to travel to the Himalayas, this beautiful book allows us a free ticket to a spiritual journey.

Join me on March 4th, 2018 for a free webinar, as we discuss the value behind the journey of the Monk who sold his Ferrari.